Saturday, November 19, 2011

...and the tittle is zero. I don't have any idea what am I going to wrote because my idea is zero! I just finish my blog walking, and it was fun to read others blog especially my CHENTA2. Ouhh ya, today I finish my team script for our role play, yeahhh!! I took a day to finish it, and my others team member done with our props. You know what I'm a lil bit nervous bout this role play, don't know whether we can make it or not uwahhhh... Some of my chenta just finish their study, and me still have 3 years to wait before graduate. It's a long journey for sure, my friend said to me 'if you get married than you will have 3 child'. But I hope this long journey will bring more smile, happy moment and for sure finish my study with a good grade is that the grade that I'm afraid of???? I try to learn how to edit picture, but till now I still don't pass it yet hurmmmm=(. Look like I need to jot down what things I should learn in my semester break wahh exam not yet but already think bout holiday. I think its time for me to stop my bebek here, so see you all again next time yerr........

p/s is it really look like a diary?????
Its really merapuh for this entry la la la


Aziz Syaidahtul said...

this is an idea already... haha.. later bugiey...ur time to marry will come

Bugiey Tahir said...

idea merapuh bha ni dut hahaha