Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last thursday me and my sT John friends went to the archery field, kunun-kunun mahu mencuba main laa.. Tapi dalam ati still rasa nerves sebab never play before.. But my handsome friend Shazwie still want me to try it, so untuk tidak menghampakan dy main laa juga ahahahaha..

Wahh, ingatkan maw pegang alat memanah tu ble pegang 'sembarano' aja, rupanya tidak, ada skill supaya benda alah tu tidak rosak oleh tangan-tangan pemain beginner macam saya.. Maw bubuh anak panah pun ada style taw, ok mencabar sudah.. 1st tyme kc lepas panah tu, tali panah boleh2 kena tangan saya.. Ya Allah, sakitnya memang tidak ble digambarkan, I almost give up to play, sebab sangat-sangat laa sakit.. But, my lovely friend Shazwie & Camy bagi 'suntikan' semangat tuk terus main^^..

Game pertama tu memang teruk, keluar sasaran aja.. But in the second round until we done played I manage to do better with the coach, Camy & Shazwie help(thanx^^).. We play like pro dude, ahahahahaha.. Until the people who wait for their turn to play, shocked with our game.. Bukan maw bangga, but its true.. Apakah itu tanda saya harus terus bermain ARCHERY?? hihihi..

Ada style..

Tu coach kami..


P/s : shazwie jeles sbb kitorang berjaya panah bahagian kotak kuning berkali-kali padahal 1st time main, hihihi

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Food is everywhere here, ahahaha(OMG am I going to gain more weight????).. After 8 month, I came back to this restaurant to eat.. Don't get jealous ya, because they serve us with yummyyyy food until I cannot explain how good it's taste.. Price?? Cheap jua bha because we "rukut-rukut" to pay.. I only expense my money about RM15.00 to eat this tasty food..

5 types of food = Rm15.00

(with juice)

sotong pedas(yummm)..

crunchy baby kailan..

ayam masak ???(bijan kali)

the special 1 : cakui salad(they make their own mayo)

last but not least, tOm yam..

p/s : pic sedikit blurr sebab lapar, my hand is shaking because hungry..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Agak takut untuk hadir midsem kali ni sebab subjek yang saya akan fight bukan alang-alang subjek, it was my killer paper for this sem.. FRS,, FRS,, FRS,, how am i going to fall in love with you?? How am i going to answer you today at D.Mas?? Ya Allah, give me strenght and strong memory to fight my exam paper, especially my "love" FRS..

DOA : Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan dunia dan akhirat ku.. Amiiiiinnn..


After failing on the battlefield
they kufar got together
and they decided to yield
they said we must change
the way the Muslims think
and sure enough
the Muslim Ummah
began to sink

In 1917 john belford
promised Palestine
to the jews 31 years later
his promise went through

brittan and france
split the Muslim lands

3 years later
Islam worst traitor
mustafa kamal
Brought the states fall

In 1920's mustafah kammal with the help of the british becomes the hero
well this so-called hero cancels the authority of the most powerful system suitable for human beings The khilafah!!!
he abandon all the rulings of Allah.. he did not stop there.
He abanded the Adan in Arabic, he denied Muslim sister from obeying Allah (SWT) by abandoning the Hijab
All Islamic calendars and holidays were canceled
Yes brothers and sisters
he changes the Arabic alphabet to Latin
By doing so he made sure the next generation will be lost and have no connection to their Islamic roots
as they can not read or write all the Islamic culture that was recorded
This Islamic system sent by the Creator of alameen went from the application in life to be in museums for people to go and see in turkey

In 1924
Our state was demolished
Hundred years of planning And their plans were accomplished
Kafirs broke our bond
Contaminated our knowledge
Better listen up
Because you won't learn this in college

Beginning of the end
and the divisions began
Step by step
They divided our lands
In 1921 saudi arabia & iran
Next year egypt &
In 32 iraq

In 1945
Jordan indonesia
Lebonen & syria
Two years later
The division of India
The Muslims took a stand
and demanded
The ruling of Islam
so they gave them pakistan
But it was only an illusion
A false resolution
Far from the solution

In 1948
The Jews establish their israeli state
In 1901 the kufar went to Sultan Abdull Hamid the II and offered to pay tremendous amount of money to the Islamic State for Palestine. Sultan Abdull Hamid the II replied:
I am not going to give one inch of Palestine to the jews as Palestine is not mine give but it belongs to the Ummah and Ummah have shed blood to defend this land but if one day the Islamic State falls apart then you can have Palestine for free but as long as I am alive I would rather have my flesh be cut up then cut out Palestine from the Muslim land I will not allow any carving up while we are alive!!!!!

In 1960's
somolia & nigaria
kuwait & algeria
In 1964 Came the PLO
yasar arafat
The us scarecrow
a great declined
In 1969
When the west was training Muslims scholars for hire
Jews were setting
Al-Aqsa mosque on fire!

Let us recall 1970
For those who don't remember
That was the year
That we had black September
The king of jorden
& yaser arafat
Began their plot
Shot after shot
Muslim blood spilled
As innocent Muslims were killed
Communism attacked
But Muslims fought back

The sincere Mujahideen of Afghanistan fought and pushed back the Russians
and then They started to fight among themselves
Khomaine became in power with the promise of ruling and raising the Ummah to a level of dignity
But his promise never went through
soon after iran and iraq went to war
And millions of innocent Muslims died for 10 years Muslims killing Muslims
Over what!!!??? What else!!! the agenda of the west!!! at the end there were no resolution
Today iran is very much open to democracy and reformation
and the Muslims in iraq continue to suffer.
SubhanAllah!. where is the Amir of the Ummah??!!!..

Another decade gone
But we still don't have Islam
Take a look at the gulf
And the killings of sadam
Over million Muslims died
But no one answered their cries
In the 1990's
The Muslim genocide

Bring back Islam!

Bring back Islam!

Bring back Islam!

Bring back Islam!

It's year 2000
And nothing has changed
Past generation has aged
Let us write the next page
It's time for us to change
It's up to you & me
Either we make history
or we become history...


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soldier Of ALLAH (part1)

The truth about the state,
It wasn't always like this,
Let us look back in time,
History reminds us,
One army,
One land,
One central authority,
Crushing the romans,
Persians put in fear,
The ummah like a lion,
No need to shed a tear,
When the village was attacked by the kufar,
The khalife heard,
The sister cry and prepare for war,
Attacking the city,
Destroying its from existence,
Lesson number 1,
Don't ever mess with MUSLIM.

The imam of the ummah is a shield where he protects the ummah and where the ummah fights behind him,
Where is the shield today to protect the ummah?? What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the ummah??
In 1917 prime minister of britain after entering Jerusalem stated "the crusader war has ended"
In the same year the fench general, goro went to the grave of Salahudeen Ayubi,
Salahudeen Ayubi, the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades and liberated Palestine and Syria,
He went to his grave in Damascus and kicked it and said wake up oh Salahudeen, we are here,
How did they do this,
To you and me,
We turn on the TV,
And all we see,
Is a world full of casualties,
A generation in agony,
Our ummah is in misery,
Let us go back,
To beginning of the century,
And review our history.

From one side,
To the other side of the globe,
The system of Islam,
Ruled over the world,
They went to the muslims,
For the all their solutions,
From mathematics to biology,
To the advancement in technology,
The kafir women,
Use to imitate our women,
They wanted the same respect,
That the muslim sisters were given while the enemies of Islam were trying to twist the Quran,
Trying to write a surah like Allah's they fated miserably,
And many of them responded with Ashhadu -an la Ilaha Ilallah Wa ashadu -an na Muhammadurrasullah,
Allah has challenge the humanity until the day of judgment to produce a surah or Aya like the Quran,
And Allah assures that they will not be able to make a surah like it,
The kufar plan and work to destriy this Deen and Allah are affirms that we are planning too,
And if all the people of the world got together they still could not and will never be able to put even a scratch a side of a muster seeds on the throne of Almighty ALLAH(S.W.T)

-will be continue-
-credit to the owner-