Thursday, March 24, 2011


Food is everywhere here, ahahaha(OMG am I going to gain more weight????).. After 8 month, I came back to this restaurant to eat.. Don't get jealous ya, because they serve us with yummyyyy food until I cannot explain how good it's taste.. Price?? Cheap jua bha because we "rukut-rukut" to pay.. I only expense my money about RM15.00 to eat this tasty food..

5 types of food = Rm15.00

(with juice)

sotong pedas(yummm)..

crunchy baby kailan..

ayam masak ???(bijan kali)

the special 1 : cakui salad(they make their own mayo)

last but not least, tOm yam..

p/s : pic sedikit blurr sebab lapar, my hand is shaking because hungry..

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