Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soldier Of ALLAH (part1)

The truth about the state,
It wasn't always like this,
Let us look back in time,
History reminds us,
One army,
One land,
One central authority,
Crushing the romans,
Persians put in fear,
The ummah like a lion,
No need to shed a tear,
When the village was attacked by the kufar,
The khalife heard,
The sister cry and prepare for war,
Attacking the city,
Destroying its from existence,
Lesson number 1,
Don't ever mess with MUSLIM.

The imam of the ummah is a shield where he protects the ummah and where the ummah fights behind him,
Where is the shield today to protect the ummah?? What happen to this shield to honor and dignify the ummah??
In 1917 prime minister of britain after entering Jerusalem stated "the crusader war has ended"
In the same year the fench general, goro went to the grave of Salahudeen Ayubi,
Salahudeen Ayubi, the one who 730 years prier crushed the crusades and liberated Palestine and Syria,
He went to his grave in Damascus and kicked it and said wake up oh Salahudeen, we are here,
How did they do this,
To you and me,
We turn on the TV,
And all we see,
Is a world full of casualties,
A generation in agony,
Our ummah is in misery,
Let us go back,
To beginning of the century,
And review our history.

From one side,
To the other side of the globe,
The system of Islam,
Ruled over the world,
They went to the muslims,
For the all their solutions,
From mathematics to biology,
To the advancement in technology,
The kafir women,
Use to imitate our women,
They wanted the same respect,
That the muslim sisters were given while the enemies of Islam were trying to twist the Quran,
Trying to write a surah like Allah's they fated miserably,
And many of them responded with Ashhadu -an la Ilaha Ilallah Wa ashadu -an na Muhammadurrasullah,
Allah has challenge the humanity until the day of judgment to produce a surah or Aya like the Quran,
And Allah assures that they will not be able to make a surah like it,
The kufar plan and work to destriy this Deen and Allah are affirms that we are planning too,
And if all the people of the world got together they still could not and will never be able to put even a scratch a side of a muster seeds on the throne of Almighty ALLAH(S.W.T)

-will be continue-
-credit to the owner-

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