Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's 3.45am and I still can't sleep, huh isn't bad for our healthy??? But I do lots of thing when I can't sleep, just now I just finish watching the korean drama CITY HUNTER. It's quite good and interesting drama to watch, and the hero and heroin is just totally handsome and pretty I don't know it's their 'real' face or not but I just like them~~.
My friend tag me something in facebook talk about points you must know about Sabahan, I'm going to share it here because I'm proud to be SABAHAN SUMANDAK, hihi. Enjoy it!=)

You are real Sabahan when:

U say 'saaaaaanaa' just to show how far that place is.
U pout ur lips, and turn to the direction to show where things are.
U answer 'ah?' when people call your name.
The word 'bah' can be used in almost all the situations.

U refer ur dad as 'boss' or 'beliau'
U refer ur mom as 'meliau' -- NO! or 'mem' -- YES
U refer ur friends as 'geng' or 'genk' or 'bro'
regardless of gender
U refer the waiter at restaurant as 'boss' as well
U were asked 'are u Indonesian?' by some
outsiders when they heard u speak.
U know what pindik2 tagap means.
U like to sing (not entirely true.haha)
U can use 'gia' n 'bah' properly.
If someone ask for help, u reply with " Boleh bah kalaw kaw ".
Favourite word "ARAMAITII"
Limpas (to pass/walk by - Maaf, saya limpas dulu?
Excuse me, can I passby?
Tapuk (to hide )
Bida (ugly)
Bubut (as in proper malay- "kejar", to chase)
Sakai (ignorant, uncivilized, "hoosier")
Andang-andang (that's how it is)
Siuk (best)
Inda/tia/ndak (short form of "tidak" - not, no)
Wisin (another brand of MSG as in "aji-no-moto" - a seasoning or food enhancer)
Talampau (proper malay - "terlampau"- too much)
Takajut (proper malay - "terkejut" - shocked, startled)
Siorang (proper malay -"kami"/ "saya - orang" - us, we)
Kamurang (proper malay - "kamu"/ "kamu-orang" - you)
Ngam-ngam (proper malay "kebetulan,cun-cun" - exact, at that time)
Mangkali/kali (proper malay "barangkali" - maybe, perhaps)
Kamarin (proper malay "kelmarin"/semalam - yesterday)
Kotoh, sabak (proper malay language - "padan muka" - serves you right)
Siring (proper malay -"tepi"/side)

P/s proud to be SABAHAN SUMANDAK, yeahhh!!!~~

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