Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Sorry that I abandoned you for a long time, if im not mistaken its bout 3 month i didn't conteng2 on you. sorry dear blog, please do not hate me just because this little bad attitude. can i use, the usual reason why me not conteng2 on you? then i think it was because im little bit busy with my schedule (wahh trep artis, ada schedule gitu hoho). ya lorr, with my ROS, my sister wedding, ramdhan, eid fitri, my kids ahhhh lots of thing i need to take care on my last semester break. luckily im not getting slim bcoz of the "ke-busy-an" hahaha. and well as usual i don't have idea what me going to conteng2 on you. im not very good on creating a good sentence so people wont sleep with my words, so you must understand you were born just to fill my bosan day. sorry again if my words hurt you. but still i love you taw my dearest BLOG=)

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