Thursday, January 27, 2011

..Plant VS Zombie..(part1)

Plant VS zombie, game that i always play.. My friend Ida Ainul told me that this game will be at KENEGARAAN paper last year because everytime she come to my room I will play this game, ahahaha.. Ohh, if its true this game will be included to my exam then I will get 100% for it hohoho.. Before that, I got this game from my adik Jebat and I think he never play this game even he was the one who gave me cos I know he only play Tiberian Sun.. hahahaha
Forget about the tittle, well I want to share with u all some plants that I never see before and quite amazing (for me laa).. I snap the pictures when I go jogging and walk at Guthrie lake.. If u know those plants, please tell me arr because when I ask my friends here, they also didnt know what this plants are..

versi1 ( hijau )

versi2 ( hijau+merah )


macam lada tapi bukan

versi3 ( merah )

versi4 (hijau )

untuk versi 1 & 2 ni agak weird sebab ni buah tumbuh di bahagian bawah pokok, n ada dua versi warna.. versi 3 & 4 pun sama jua cuma dorang ni tumbuh di bahagian atas pokok jua laa.. n saya tidak taw laa sama ada ni tumbuhan boleh dimakan or tidak, risau juga kalau beracun.. nanti tidak pasal2 mati sebab "gerowoh" maw mencuba, ahahaha..

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